About Us

Amid our commitment to safety, quality, innovation and respect for the environment, ORIENT Class shall lead the way to the future of classification in the Philippines with the aim to exceed expectations of our clients and stakeholders.

We manage with commitment that the human resource of ORIENT Class will always be our most vital advantage.
We shall achieve our challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people with a common goal of providing the safe and quality service.
We shall ensure that our services are of outstanding quality, value for money and instill pride among our people.
ORIENT Class is totally committed to achieving the highest classification society standards with particular emphasis placed upon reliability, proven expertise, competitiveness and international recognition, compliance with all relevant requirements and continual improvement of our quality management system.
This involves the active participation, endeavour and ideas of all ORIENT personnel and their approved independent surveyors.
These high standards of work will be achieved by operating a quality management system which meets the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008.
Compliance with this policy, other policies, procedures and instructions is mandatory and binding upon all employees. Quality is the responsibility of everyone working for and on behalf of ORIENT.